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SED Services Ltd operate a 3 acre composting facility and maturation pad  in Wigan, Lancashire producing high quality compost for agricultural land.  SED Services Ltd are able to accept a variety of waste codes for stabilization and maturation including post IVC material to ensure pas 100 standard.  Our Pas 100 compost is 100% recycled derived from surplus garden trimmings and local authority recycling contracts.

SED Services Ltd  also operate a second composting facility and maturation pad at Formby.  The site is in excess of 5 acres  with a throughput of up to 200’000 tons per annum. The site holds a  bespoke  consolidated permit with a variety of waste codes including aggregates, soils, bio solids, green waste and post IVC. Depending on the weather conditions and availability of good soils, we also offer a topsoil/compost blend for collection or delivery. This blend is ideal for putting down before you lay turf or apply grass seed and is great for vegetables and flower beds.

We are able to offer competitive gate fees.  Loads can either be brought into site by prior arrangement or we are able to offer a collection service bespoke to your requirements.   Should you have any material that you need to dispose of or would like a quote for collection / delivery, please do not hesitate to contact one our technical team on 01942 723479.

SED have a substantial landbank available for large volumes of compost produced, In conjunction with this we have a large farming enterprise (RE&S Baldwin Ltd) readily available to take recycled material.


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